7/11 - Assembling the Main Power Module

A project log for Power Generation Modules

Modular power generation system for powering and charging small electronic devices

Automata-DevelopmentAutomata-Development 07/13/2018 at 04:320 Comments

Today we assembled the main power module. The power module has 6 barrel jacks for the power generation modules to connect to. The power from these inputs is then regulated down to 5 volts and output to 2 USB ports. There is also an integrated mobile power pack that can be connected to the USB outputs to store the generated energy. We tested the power pack with the water turbine, hand crank, and wind turbine. The crank output a peak of 15V and 0.3A and the turbine output a peak of 22V and 1.1A. We also tested the wind turbine with an air compressor and found that it had an output of 1.8V and 0.3A. We are planning to investigate other motor options for the wind turbine in order to generate more energy.