One Raspberry Per Child (ORPC)

Take an OLPC and replace the motherboard with a Raspberry Pi.

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The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) was, and still is, an amazing piece of UX. While the project was eventually killed off by greed (from outside, not the team), the idea of a cheap computing device for children was born and still lives on in other projects. The Raspberry Pi was a direct descendant of the OLPC.

Now what I am proposing is that I just "swap out" the two boards. I can think of these issues already plus if anyone wants to chime in, I will add them to the list:
- Connections.
The laptop monitor, power and wifi. (Probably more)
- Form factor
The two boards are quite different is sizes. I want the case to protect the pi instead of it just sliding around on the inside. This also will interact with the first issue of connections (like how do I connect and stage the HDMI and USB connections. Will require physical modifications to the laptop case.
- Merging Sugar with Noobs
Sugar has a lot of neat tools and applications. Hate to leave those behind.

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