Two weeks in - plotting, upgrades and fun

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johnowhitakerjohnowhitaker 07/22/2018 at 09:190 Comments

Two weeks down. 

It's been good fun getting used to this machine - it is far and away my favourite tool. To illustrate this, a case study:

I have always wanted a pen plotter, and built quite a few rough attempts. I measured the fan shroud on the ender, did 5 mins of CAD and started a print. Half an hour later I came back from a walk to find a part waiting. It fit, but was a bit wobbly. One small adjustment to the CAD file and another half hour wait, and I popped the part off the bed, clipped it in and smiled. I printed some different pen holders, clipped some paper to my bed and started plotting. Quick iteration, good results and it encouraged me to make something and to dig out my old generative art code. Winning!

I've printed a few upgrades for the printer itself - a filament guide and new part cooling fan guide were recommended, but I have yet to notice much difference. Maybe when I try more miniatures I'll see it. I also added a tool draw and fan cover for the main board.