Old changes, new 3D design!

A project log for FCThermostat: Another overengeneered IOT device

A new way of thinking to a IOT thermostat:

NicolòNicolò 11/12/2018 at 17:440 Comments

Some time ago I changed the size of the boards because I had noticed that the thickness of the electronics box was too thin. Not being able to change the size of the box I opted to edit the one of the pcbs.

Only one millimeter in width has caused quite a few problems. (Shield redesign and I had to move components around on baseboard)
My poor skills in the parametric cad did not help, after altering the parameters the model was "broken". I thus proceeded to start from scratch.

Adoring the music and having taste for particular machines I discovered the MMX project (in reality, I have been following the project for a long time), the author of this project has recently made available a spreadsheet to create a PBS.

I then entered all the information of my project into a new sheet based on the one published by Martin and taking advantage of the features now I can easily see what there is and there is no need to do!

WOW 76% Hah I still have to add all the info about the front board!

Taking advantage of the 11.11 sales, I have bought some new parts for the project, at this moment I'm compiling the BOM to then order the new PCBs.

Say "HI" to the SIM7020, Raúl Luna first suggestion was to use an LTE modem, although in Italy the GSM network is still active and will still be due to some very old infrastructures, I decided to try this module.

It should be compatible 1:1 with the old SIM800C (So I don't have to redesign the board again!), maybe the AT commands will be different, I'll have to find out as soon as I get the module!

The development of the firmware continues, now it is possible to read and write the 1Wire EEPROM through the slave processor.

I still have difficulty implementing interrupts for the Serial, and reading from serial. Perhaps this time I complicated the project too much!