routing that thing

A project log for Guerra de Robots (robots war) official Badge

My first attempt to make a badge, for an upcoming event of robotics in my college. each year should be one brand new ;)

RRichmondRRichmond 07/20/2018 at 17:430 Comments

next step, routing.

it took me around two days (working on the nights) to get the majority of the parts and route something, it took me that long because while i was routing i was looking for components, yeah not the most efficient way, but i got some nice prices for all the parts, it felt like i search for hours.

so i got one draft of the board, it used 1206 LEDs to big for my taste, but they were cheap.

but almost all the space is gone, and that circle, that's supposed to be the battery, on top of everything, glued in place with double-sided tape.

so this was going to be the final board until i find out more parts a little cheaper.