It uses human energy to power life saving implantable devices and also provide a complete human diagnosis system with the help of AI.

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The project is on how to utilise energy, particularly human energy that is released into the surroundings and thereby provide a means of energy cultivation from human body. Some of the energy so cultivated is used to power implant devices that are used to save human life like pacemaker, implantable infusion pump for drug delivery system etc. and the rest is stored and is used to power external devices. At the same time along with re-utilising the waste energy, the project also provides how this mechanism can be utilised in human diagnosis, which along with artificial intelligence and other gadgets like Google lens can be used to help human beings understand about the condition of their body, along with providing appropriate medical tips with the help of artificial intelligence. This mechanism also acts an aid for doctors as well patients to get a clear cut information about the state of their body and thereby acting as a smart solution for human disease diagnosis.

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