The First Steps

A project log for SmoothMove - A New Human Computer Interface

Small, Ergonomic, Portable and better than any other travel mouse

ChrisChris 07/19/2018 at 00:410 Comments

Really the first few steps of this endeavour have been all about the designing of the device's case. You can see the progression below. I want it to be able to be comfortably grasped for a few hours at a time. This is a bit tricky because I also wanted the device to be so small. Anytime I think small, I always think uncomfortable. I hoping that I will be able to make an ergonomic form factor and still keep the device as small and portable as possible. 

My answer to this issue of size versus comfort I am solving with a specifically shaped bottom half of the device. I am still nailing down just how I want the user to be able hold the device so it's a work in progress. This is what I have so far. 

Only time will tell just what the most comfortable way to hold such a device will be. Within the next few weeks I will be getting everything bread boarded and figured out

On the list of things that I still need to figure out: