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Convert friction into coulombs

mechanicusMECHANICUS 07/16/2018 at 10:450 Comments

A short demonstration, it works but not well.  I believe it is over 100 volts peak to peak. It will not light any other LED except for ultraviolet for what reason I am not sure.  It probably has to do with the voltage drop over UV LED.  I will need to make a voltage divider and or a way to step down voltage to take this further in regards to providing useful amounts of power. I do not have an oscilloscope to analyze the output and multi-meters are far to slow, as it only shows .5 volts which is not nearly enough to light one of these 12v LED.  I do not have time to do more than that before the deadline but I guess in a few hours I built and demonstrated something that can begin to fulfill the energy harvesting portion of the hackaday prize 2018.