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A project log for Pulse sensor to actuate a Robotic Hand

We are trying to implement a pulse sensor to actuate a 3D printed prosthesis instead of the myoelectric ones. That's a first, we think.

Giovanni LealGiovanni Leal 07/26/2018 at 20:260 Comments

So, history time.

When we "finished" the hand and  were ready to give it to Andres to wear it we had the problem about what goes between the hand and the sensor. We went to some local prostethic sensor like we'll buy it give them some directions for holes for the charging port and that's it. What we didn't know was that each socket cost well upwards $1000 USD!!!

Sooo that eliminates tha chance of trying it more that once. For example, at the begining we used a panel mount extension for the usb conection( at the socket and we needed to implement those powerboost(, let me tell you those boards are life savers, so with the powerboost we didnt need the bolts outside but if we had spend $1000 bucks we would have holes outside just because..... the other 10 times that we change it it beacuse it keep breaking :

So about the breakings on the close up you'll see the problem.... the printlines, but it's obvious that you are going to print this thing uprigth. Its 7 hours that way, sideway would be more than double and with imperfections. 

Close Up:

So we tried many things.... and it ketp breaking.... we put bondo on it for him to use it until we figure it out!!! We passed the soldering iron on the sides..... we know... crude but that things looks and holds like ceramic. Really like those guys at proto pasta should look into it. 

For the flexible part the thing was figuring out the postion for the sensor:

At the end we place the sensor outside but thats another log....

Conclusion, we did it... really was a dificult task but it works great.... holds the battery inside.... custom made.... ceramic like.... comfortable(acording to Andres)... we are really really happy because we did something ourselves, much better, all the process for half the price and we learned. So if you hace any question ask it down there. 

A lot of peolpe asked what Andres does for a living, he is a accountant on an eviromental branch of the goverment.