Version 6 Firmware - Temperature Support

A project log for Appliance Timer

Rugged & simple timer to control everything from room lighting to air conditioners.

Brian CornellBrian Cornell 05/21/2019 at 16:260 Comments

Timer is a project I work on in between bigger things.  Partly because of its simplicity but more importantly its versatility.

For some time I've wanted it to be able to run by temperature but didn't pursue because of the self-heating effect and lack of processing power.  But it can get reasonably close to ambient when off and isn't burdened with current sampling.  So I wrote v6 to add a simple 'timed temperature' mode.

This mode starts a timing cycle when the temperature is greater / less than a set value.  It runs for a set time (the same as set for 'timed' mode) and turns off.  It resumes sampling after a fixed cool-off period of 20 minutes.