Notes : Issues & Problems

A project log for Tiny Joypad Variant

A games console that plays ATtiny85 games cartridges. Rotating screen to play both landscape and portrait games.

megazoidmegazoid 07/29/2018 at 14:310 Comments

There is nothing worse than investing time and money in someone else's project only to find there are flaws in the design. In the interest of full disclosure for a prospective builder, here are the issues I am aware of :


1. The power switch doesn't really protrude from the case. I manage with the side of my nail, or you could use a cocktail stick / match etc.

2. The screen is 1 mm off central when in the portrait aspect. You might not have noticed... you will now.

3. The sound is quiet. It's a tiny speaker with no amp, so it isn't much of a surprise. It is what it is :)

Problems that might come up:

1. It wont turn on.

2. The joystick falls off.

3. The screen case and joystick case are misaligned