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A project log for Tiny Joypad Variant

A games console that plays ATtiny85 games cartridges. Rotating screen to play both landscape and portrait games.

megazoidmegazoid 08/10/2021 at 10:090 Comments

I have decided to update all the files on HackaDay to reflect the changes I have made recently to the Tiny Joypad Megazoid Variant. There have been minor changes to the PCBs and case design which mainly iron out small flaws in the design. I will also be uploading the EasyEDA files. I consider the PCB designs and case designs open source, and wave any and all "implied" rights to the design. There may be however some copyrighted material (images/code?) within the project.

PCB changes include an on/off button that pokes out of the case a bit more, a slightly more centralised screen, SMD placement alterations and some cosmetic changes.

The case changes accommodate the new PCB design and have the addition of neodymium magnet mounting holes.