Version 0
The goal of this step was to to get a basic design down and see if I could source parts that fit it. I started with just a simple coin cell battery retainer and a 2x3 connector (because I didn't now how to only make a 2x2). I picked a coin cell retainer that had big pads with the idea i'd probably be sticking a magnet on the back of it and needed the support. I originally thought I screwed this up but learned that adding a tab of solder onto the GND pad was needed to make a more solid connection.  

Version 0.0.1
Semantic versioning? Why not. I moved onto making a bigger version that would allow the wearer to choose the best suited connector to center their SAO. I added a LED and a Resistor so I knew when it was 'on' and to try to add a backlit effect, which didn't really work.  This worked great but ended up being too big and I worried how long a SAO with more LED's would really last.

Version 0.0.2
The next version I made a more reasonable size and added a JST to it so I could plug in a LiPo. I also realized my LED is in series with the SAO connector which would effect things so I moved it to be in parallel. This way I could also just solder on the coin cell and still have it work even if I didn't hook up the LED. This 'works' but I'm bumping up the voltage. I also added a lanyard holder but its useful if you are using the middle connector. The idea here is that on the same board I can choose to either hook up the JST connector OR coin cell, but not both. 

Version 0.0.3
Includes a LDO. Still waiting for my board and will need to do some tests to see if LDO is doing what I think it does. This should bring the voltage down to 3.3 and smooth anything out now that I have some capacitors on it.

Version 0.0.4 (TBD)
I want to move things around so I can place the magnet on top of the board rather then on the back of the battery retainer. Its a little top heavy when I try to wear the SAO as a pin. This will also leave me more room to stick the LiPo battery on the back of the page if thats the version i've hooked up.