Hi guy today we make 10 Band LED Spectrum Analyzer 20HZ - 20KHZ SCHEMATIC,PCB,CODE. Please check on description, My comment on Youtube and do step by step you will get good 10 Band LED Spectrum Analyzer 20HZ - 20KHZ SCHEMATIC,PCB,CODE I try to make the PCB by Sprintlayout and order PCB online on After that the circuit work great and i share it for you. i hope you can do it at home

This PCB i make from Sprintlayout software. You can download it in description. It include PCB layout,schematic and Gerber file. Or you can dowload below.

I make the gerber file by Sprintlay software and upload them to for order PCB online. Only 2$ /10pcs for 2 layer PCB and Big Discount on First order Shipping Upload your gerber files and fill in Shipping Adress then click PAY. After 2 day. I received the PCB 10PCS it look great and beauty.

 Look at Some Picture About My Project