Completing the quadruped assembly

A project log for Quadruped Robot

A quadruped robot using cheap servos closed-loop control and force-sensing resistors for ground force feedback. Uses Teensy and PCT.

YannisYannis 09/03/2018 at 11:500 Comments

I finally managed to 3d print and assemble together all the parts of the quadruped robot – save for the PCB which I am still waiting to be delivered. The robot turned out quite sturdy, although the leg joints are a bit more elastic than what I would have desired. However that should not affect standing and walking performance significantly.

The robot weighs in at about 300g including a high capacity 3.7v li-ion battery, and can stand while being unpowered. 

The focus of the design now slowly shifts to software. My first goal is to have the PCT code used in the single leg working for all four legs and then make the robot assume static poses (crouch, stand, lean etc.). Walking and research on gaits and stability comes after.

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