Completing the Quadruped

A project log for Quadruped Robot

A quadruped robot using cheap servos closed-loop control and force-sensing resistors for ground force feedback. Uses Teensy and PCT.

YannisYannis 11/13/2018 at 21:270 Comments

This project is nearing it's end. I've completed the quadruped and tested it in quite challenging conditions, and I'm happy to report that it performs more or less as I expected it to. I've written an extensive post in my blog discussing several performance aspects and issues I've encountered. 

Building this robot has been a great learning experience for me and I hope to make use what I've learned in future robotics builds.

I AM planning to release design files and code for this project, but it will happen at a later time. It's just that I really don't have any time to spare in putting everything in the correct order.

Thanks all for being a part of this project!