Day 2 & 3: Building the Faceplates, Completing the Left Module

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E. GramesE. Grames 07/22/2018 at 09:140 Comments

(For those of you wondering, I will type out the step-by-step process when I'm done with the whole thing.)

So, I went out to get plywood, came back with a 1/8th inch sheet of MDF instead. While I was out, I saw a USB Number Pad and some cheap speakers, I got those too. 

I decided to discontinue my efforts with the matrix idea because I still have my concerns about how well it will work and how long it will take for a key to register, plus the fact that I would have to spend forever writing a code to debounce the whole thing and then give me the accurate keypress value. 

I cut out my faceplate for the whole thing after sketching it several times and making slight modifications. I "test fit" everything and then cut off the plates for the left and right modules. 

After that, I cut out and painted a raised platform for the function buttons on the left module, and after painting that I glued it all together with the number pad, LEDs, and buttons. 

Then I created the base for the left and right modules. They have a 10 degree tilt away from the keyboard and a 15 degree tilt towards the screen. These are also painted, and I glued the one for the left onto it's module. I'll be working on the right module tomorrow, and the center after that.

Here's some of the pictures.

Right now I'm using hot glue for everything to make sure it all fits, later I'll install some angle brackets. More updates will be posted as I finish each module.