Day 4: Completing the Right Panel

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"Modular Human Computer Interface Panel" - An easy open source control panel for anyone and everyone - and it fits on a desk!

E. GramesE. Grames 07/22/2018 at 15:550 Comments

Today I finished up building the right panel, and while doing so I modified my original plans (like I always end up doing) and added a LCD instead of the analog joystick. 

The purpose of the LCD is to give a little more purpose to both the the rotary encoder and the RFID reader. Now, instead of just unlocking my computer, I can scroll through a list of "locked" options and select one, for instance if I spent enough time to program it I could scroll down to "hackaday" and choose "login" and it will open up Hackaday and log me in. More on this when I start programming.

I also added a smal incandescent bulb as a "warning indicator" which I will program for something random later.

Here's a few of the photos:

Once I finish the center (I'll do that tomorrow) all I'll have left to do is wire the whole thing up, add any embellishments (Neopixels, EL Wire) and them program the three Arduino Micros. Then we're done! I estimate the whole thing should be complete by this Wednesday (but don't quote me on that).