Center Panel Wires and Lights!

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E. GramesE. Grames 08/27/2018 at 14:000 Comments

So, today I wired up the center control panel. I added an Arduino Nano to control the EL wire and NeoPixels because I was having a hard time trying to make a proper display matrix. And I was running out of wires. 

First off, I rewired the EL wire DC/AC converter to run from the 3V3 port on the Nano, instead of the original 2 AA batteries. I was correct in my previous assumption that I could wire the button directly into an IO pin from there, and it works pretty well (but only in solid state. Blinking and fading tend to half-work and then the Nano decides to reset itself. Probably something to do with the transformer. I also added NeoPixels.

Then, I wired all of the buttons up, the function buttons to a Micro and the two smaller buttons to the Nano along with the 5-way switch. I was pretty much out of wire by that point, so I used up the last of it to wire the LEDs for the small function button panels in groups. (to reduce pin numbers, I didn't have enough of those either).

The converter for the EL wire. Note the jumper where a chip used to be.

I didn't remember to get any pictures of the wires on the back of the center panel, I'll take those and put  them in the next log, which should be detailing the wiring of the right panel. 

And here is the panel, with lights on and in action!

So, see you in the next log! (however that works...)