Iron Man

Small cardboard Iron Man run by an Arduino.

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2-3 feet tall Iron Man structure run by an Arduino Uno. He waves when there's enough light, and his Arc Reactor changes color based on temperature (blue (cold) --> red (hot)).

I did not solder anything, but it would be a lot simpler to do so if you have the skill and resources. Also, most things are taped down because I bought a hot glue gun halfway through the project. I definitely recommend the hot glue.

When I took the pictures in the gallery, the room was pretty cold so the Arc Reactor was blue. However, I blew hot air towards Iron Man's temperature sensor to simulate a warm environment for one of the pictures, so you can see both the pink and the purple Arc Reactor as it cooled down. 


Arduino sketch for all the aforementioned functions of the robot.

ino - 1.81 kB - 07/23/2018 at 14:31


  • 1 × Arduino Uno It was attached to a breadboard
  • 1 × NeoPixel Jewel Acts as the Arc Reactor
  • 1 × Set of metallic paints Optional decoration; Colors are your choice
  • 1 × Hot glue gun + hot glue Tape can be used instead
  • 1 × Mini analog servo motor

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  • 1
    Get software working

    Write/test either your own sketch or the provided sketch on your board to check that the sensors, outputs, and actual code is working.

  • 2

    You should plan out the general structure of the small robot, leaving a space in the back to put the Arduino, and enough room for all the different wired connections, especially the servo. 

  • 3

    Cut and glue/tape the cardboard together to make your own Iron Man. Note that if you rip off one side of the cardboard, leaving a flat side connected to the wavy part, the cardboard can bend smoothly. 

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