Stage 5 - Wolfverine module

A project log for Multipurpose modular haptic control

This project has an intention to develop a haptic device that can control almost everything, it must be cheap, easy to build and implement.

Maximiliano RojasMaximiliano Rojas 08/05/2018 at 03:440 Comments

This module essentially consists of a work based on wolverine haptic system (by a sort of reverse engineering with the video available on youtube ). In this stage the main measures in mm, its composition, the materials, and building. With respect to the algorithm, as it mathematical background, an outline review will be present.

The goals are the same that in other modules, cheap, easy to build and implement.

The idea is the, through a mechanical break, a person can "feel" the grasp of an object (real or virtual) with him two fingers (thumb and index), a potentiometer will be used to measure the distance between the fingers.

1 General design and mathematic model

The mathematical background of this module consists in a rectangle triangle formed with the half of the equilateral, so, as all length of the triangle are known, to found the distance just form the next trigonometric relation:

If we look carefully, 2*L1 is equal to L2 when the angle is zero, so:

Where x is the distance between the fingers. Now a little explanation of how the break works:

2 Coding

The general scheme for any application must follow the next flowchart:

3 application

The application will be present in a further Stage due to its extension, but you can see a video of how it works now.