Minor design change & more stock coming!

A project log for IN-12A/B Nixie Tube Breakout Board

Breadboard (0.1" header pin) adapter for IN-12A/B nixie tubes

skellyskelly 08/14/2018 at 14:100 Comments

I've received a few orders at this point so my stock is running a little low - I've just ordered all the bits and pieces to make 50 more kits, and I'll place a update when everything has arrived and they're ready to be ordered! I'm not sure how eBay/Tindie handle backordering, so I wouldn't suggest anyone try to place any large orders or anything.

Since I've ordered more parts, I made a slight change to the board design. I simply added my website URL and nickname to the silkscreen so they're identifiable as my boards. Can't wait to get everything and start sending out more boards!