Help Needed: Need To Identify Transformer

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Blair VidakovichBlair Vidakovich 08/23/2018 at 06:332 Comments

Would anyone be able to help me identify the specifications of this transformer?

From what I can work out, there is ONE primary winding, and perhaps TWO secondary windings?

What I need is some power supply that is capable of producing -15V-0V-+10V.

Can anyone help?


Blair Vidakovich wrote 09/02/2018 at 22:07 point

thank you!! i am slowly figuring this out...

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Arduino Enigma wrote 09/01/2018 at 18:07 point

Its a multiple secondary transformer with a tap in each secondary. The tap is not exactly in the center, That's how they get the 10 and 15 volts. 

I dont know if  the outputs are out of phase with each other and the diodes are acting as a full wave rectifier

And now a hack, which may be related or not to your application

Three 9 V batteries in series can be tapped to provide the following:

+ +18V



-    0V


-   -9V

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