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Log and display CANbus messages with ESP32

johan-westlundJohan Westlund 01/03/2019 at 11:210 Comments

Due to a mistake by me the board was 0.1" to wide:

Got an offer for free PCBs to test and review PCBWay service for the new PCB so here is that with a redesigned board 0.1" smaller:

I sent the design to the one offering me the deal, but was told to create an account. Here is what I was getting when creating the account...

Create Acccount:

It complains about the password before I type it in. Pleases be patience computer.

Their page look nice.

I'm on the upload and setting page. All other cheap PCB manufacturer has the option to upload and auto fill the dimension and those stuff. That's something they are working on I was told.
Have to open KiCad again to check the dimension because they are not in my head.

Settings: Panels by PCBWay, black mate soldermask, 10 boards 27x58 mm

$42 probably the mate black. Would be good to mention what is extra and what is included in the base price. +$20 shipping is reasonable for 3-4 days shipping.

Got a mail asking for amount of boards and panel. Not really clear in their interface on this point. I believed that it was 10 panels. But in the end I got 10 boards on 5 panels, 2 on each panel.

                                              OLD                                                NEW

Time to solder

PCBs from PCBWay and components bought from Digi-key.

Testing how easy they are to solder on here:

As seen there are more residue visible on the PCBWay board. It might be the matt black. The ease of soldering was about the same.

A scratch test:

About the same resistance to scratching.

Time to assemble.

Done. The dimension are fits the DevKit C dev board exactly like I wanted it to do. Everything was easy to solder except the SD card holder. It might have been both the solder mask on the board and my technic that didn't prevent the pins from shorting.

Can't complain on the PCB quality it's the same as all other big names in the PCB industry.

Next up. Testing. :)