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Open Architecture Ternary FPGA

shaosSHAOS 08/10/2018 at 08:230 Comments

Using Circuits.CC engine I created an interactive web site TERNARO.COM where you can play with different switches of TERNARO configurable logic block (by mouse) and see how they are translated into bitstream (at the bottom) and how equivalent circuit may look (on the right) - this should help other people to understand how it's supposed to work...

For example, this is 2-input LUT (can be used as 9-trit ROM):

This is 9-to-1 multiplexer:

Memory (transparent latch) with 2 independent inputs (2nd MUX must be in buffer mode NOP):

And it could be any mix of the settings:

Enjoy ;)

P.S. Source code to look at: