Dual 6581 SID Emulator

A dual SID chip replacement for the commodore 64 using teensy 3.6

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This is a weekend project I had in mind for some time now. I used a teensy 3.6 and a couple of level shifting boards to intercept address and data lines of SID Chip.
On software side I used teensy audio library and ReSID by Frank Boesing as a sound engine.
Sound is dual-sid stereo using both dac pins of the teensy.
There are also plans for a led visual equalizer. You can find my source code on my github account.
I would like to thank:
Stephen White the creator of Pi1541 for this guidance and tips on how to proceed with this project.
And my friends at forum for providing me with enough information of how the chip works and especially users GeoAnas and DAT-ALEX.
  • 1 × LM7805 Power Management ICs / Linear Voltage Regulators and LDOs
  • 1 × 0.33uf capacitor
  • 1 × 0.1uf capacitor
  • 1 × Teensy 3.6 Teensy Microcontroller
  • 2 × Voltage Level Shifting board bi-directional 8 port

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    Building instructions

    All the instructions you need to recreate this project are included inside the arduino sketch. Its just connecting lines to pins.

    I will create a schematic to upload to github asap.

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