Clock LED

Clock neon light with Muslim prayer time

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Can I have a clock design like the pictures and made with neon lights and LED and has prayer time on! Any help please and thank you

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raedg88 wrote 07/24/2018 at 00:54 point

well I ask how you can built something like it and little bigger. It was a gift to my friend who bring it from Middle East. Still need help to find something like it or similar:)

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Stuart Longland wrote 07/24/2018 at 10:10 point

The fun bit will be multiplexing all those LEDs… you might be able to use some diode-OR logic to reduce the complexity somewhat, but I think that's beyond charlieplexing, you'll want a decent number of GPIO lines.

There's 60 radial lines going around the clock face there with 8 LEDs each. → 480 LEDs, not including the matrix panel down the bottom.

Looking closely at the design, the easiest way to think of how the LEDs are laid out is to think of this actually is 16 rings of 30 LEDs each, with every second ring starting with the second-innermost one offset by 6°.

I'm thinking electrically, you'd ignore this, and pretend each radial line is a 8-pixel column on a matrix display like the 40×8 one at the bottom.  So in this edited photo, the red would be "column" 0, in magenta "column 1", cyan "column 2", green "column 3", yellow "column 4", etc.

So really, you need something that will drive two LED matrixes, one 40×8 one for the bottom display, and one 60×8 one for the clock face itself.

I'm guessing the bottom panel scrolls some message, possibly in Arabic.  A lot of LED scrolling signs just use shift registers to do the scrolling effect, but remember that a sign for English and other "western" languages will shift the pixels from the right side to the left.  Arabic will need to go the other way … for flexibility, you might want a design that can do both.

The mechanics of time keeping are well travelled on these parts.  Loads of options.  I'd be looking at a real-time clock chip of some sort, or using a networked microcontroller (e.g. ESP8266/ESP32) and network time protocol.

The remaining challenge is then figuring out the scheduling for the prayer times.  I'm not overly familiar with the Islamic traditions, but the times I presume are more-or-less evenly spaced out throughout the day?

You might get away with just counting seconds since midnight and having a static array of "prayer times", with the time period being defined as between T-½L seconds and T+½L seconds (where T is the "time" since midnight in seconds, and L is the length of your prayer period in seconds).

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Stuart Longland wrote 07/23/2018 at 22:29 point

Is that something you built or are you asking how to build something like that?  Looks pretty cool. :-)

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