Update #1 - SX127x FSK modem

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Jan GromeŇ°Jan GromeŇ° 08/22/2018 at 11:560 Comments

KiteLib now supports FSK modem on SX127x LoRa chips. Not only does this mean that you can freely swap between LoRa and FSK communication with a single communication module - there are some more interesting ways the FSK modem can be used:

RTTY Transmissions
By manipulating FSK carrier wave frequency, we can get the module to output RTTY data! This has been done in a few SX1278 projects before, but KiteLib is the first to implement user-friendly API. Using RTTY is now exactly as easy as using Arduino Serial port!

FM Transmissions
FSK modem also supports so-called continuous mode, in which the radio directly tranmits data fed to it on pins DIO1 (data) and DIO2 (clk). Here's the cool part: if you feed Arduino tone() function output into DIO2, this is the result: 

Yep. This signal was decoded using "Broadcast FM" in SDR Console app, so it should be possible to receive the tone() output on any FM receiver (as long as it can receive on 434 MHz).

So in summary, KiteLib can now send LoRa packets, FSK packets, RTTY transmissions and FM tones from a single communication chip.