XYZ Davinci Mini Maker Hack

I am replacing the motherboard of a Davinci mini maker with a ramps 1.4 and programming it with marlin.

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There are many problems with this davinci mini maker. It's mother board is fried and the stepper motor for the z axis is toast as well. I replaced the stepper motor with a different type of motor a nema 17 since ironically it's dimensions fitted fine for this 3D printer even though it does not use a nema 17 motor for the z axis.

To fix the mother board I replaced it with with a ramps 1.4 mother board and configured marlin with it. The marlin configuration is still underway along with the endstops. The motherboard is put in the black box on the printer underneath the LCD 2004 display.

Unfortunately the endstops don't quite work with marlin as I had figured out. Marlin is unable to detect the endstops. Since I did do damage to one of the endstops I am going to replace all the endstops with mechanical endstops versus optical so marlin can see it.

So someone at MakeIt Labs asked me to look at there 3D printer to fix the z axis. I diagnosed the error on the Z Axis to a fried section on the mother board. I later fried the Z Motor in the process of fixing it. So he offered to be paid $100 plus reimbursements for any extra expenses to fix this 3D printer.

To fix it I have replaced the motherboard with a ramps 1.4 motherboard. I added a LCD display to be the interface with the operator. Upon request of fixing this for him he requested I make this USB to Computer operable which this is. Since I figured who would regret saying he didn't need a display for this I added one anyways but it was mostly for me to debug this easier. 

I am going replace the optical endstops with mechanical ones. They will be attached to the printer by means of a 3D printed bracket for each axis for the endstop to attach to. I made hole in the printer's y axis so the wires could come out of it easier.

I made more holes in the printer as well so wiring will be easier and removing the Z motor was actually feasible. 

  • 3 × Endstop Switch Found these for cheap. A friend gave these to me for free.
  • 1 × Ramps 1.4 Motherboard The 3D printer motherboard]
  • 1 × RepRap Smart Controller LCD Display and 3D Printer human interface
  • 4 × A4988 Cloned drivers Stepper motor drivers for the ramps 1.4 motherboard.

  • Success with stepper motors and interface

    nschreiber081307/24/2018 at 23:14 0 comments

    So I have configured some code in order to test this without a computer or custom code to get it to drive. The LCD display is working and so is the ramps 1.4.

    The endstops do not work with marlin so right now I have the endstops inverted so they will not be detected while I am testing out all the axis on the printer.  This will change as I find a way to replace the endstops with mechanical ones. Only mechanical ones work with marlin for whatever reason.

    Right now I have also replaced the Z axis stepper motor with a different motor that is not at all identical. I had to re-drill the stepper motor holes to make them bigger to fit a new stepper motor that was a nema 17 unlike the old stepper motor. The old stepper motor had some of the dimensions of a nema 17 motor but it was enough to mount a new stepper motor into it.

    The new stepper motor had a few problems. It had six wires where the motor driver only had 4. I had to figure out which two wires I could live without with a multimeter.

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Felix wrote 06/13/2019 at 05:56 point

Hey, I am currently trying to run my Mini Maker with a RAMPS 1.4 board and Marlin, so I don't have to buy XYZPrinting Filament. Would you be so kind to share your Marlin configuration with me? I am kind of new to all this, so I am struggling to get it set up my self.

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