uTerm is out!

A project log for Z80-MBC2: a 4 ICs homebrew Z80 computer

Homemade 8MHz Z80 SBC, 128kB banked RAM, RTC, SD (HD emulation), Basic and Forth interpreter, CP/M 2.2 and 3, UCSD Pascal, Fuzix and more...

just4funJust4Fun 05/14/2019 at 07:400 Comments

I've done a separate "project page" for uTerm here.

uTerm can be mounted horizontally or vertically to the Z80-MBC2.

All the details including the 3D printed custom angled brackets .STL files are there.

uTerm is a VT100 terminal with VGA out and  PS/2 keyboard with a power supply (for the Z80-MBC2 too). It has a "transparent" USB-TTL adapter connector, so you can upload firmware or load an Intel-Hex file (with iLoad) while the card is inserted. Both the "mixed" power supply scenarios (USB-TTL adapter not powered from USB but Z80-MBC2 powered and vice-versa) are managed. The video terminal is based on the ChibiTerm (