A View from the Top

A project log for The Little Green Tower

A mist-based tower system for growing leafy green vegetables

Chris JohnsonChris Johnson 11/28/2018 at 15:580 Comments

The new crop has been growing for about 4 weeks now.  The photo below shows a view looking down on the system with the plant starter top plate removed.  You can see the extensive root systems the plants have developed.

I also thought this photo which shows a birds eye view of the system was pretty cool.  The white spots on the center of the foam blocks are from the water in the nutrient solution evaporating at the end of the wick, leaving behind the dissolved solids.

Below I highlighted the tube that connects between levels.  This tube can slide down to expose the roots so that they can be pruned and pushed back up into the pod above.  Without pruning, the plants expend a lot of energy growing VERY long roots that tangle things up between pods.

The final photo below shows some delicious Buttercrunch  leaves freshly picked from the system.  While they are great right off the plant, I've found that they crisp up even better when rinsed and stored in a closed contained in the refrigerator.  Since they are picked fresh, they last a really long time in the fridge.