Mutable Instruments Module Tester Build Log

Power, signal generation, and analysis for eurorack modules.

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Building the open source module tester from Mutable Instruments.

Eurorack module tester.

This project is a test signal generator for Eurorack synth modules. It also provides frequency/clock measurement tools, and a +/12V and +5V power supply - making it a compact "all in one" box for powering and debugging a module.

Original developer: Olivier Gillet (

The firmware is released under a GPL3.0 license. The PCB layouts and schematics are released under a Creative Commons cc-by-sa 3.0 license.

sheet - 9.41 kB - 08/03/2018 at 18:27


  • 16 × 1C10Z5U104M050B Capacitors / Ceramic
  • 1 × 3386P-1-502LF Potentiometers, Trimmers, Variable Resistors / Trimmer Potentiometers
  • 1 × LM2990T-12/NOPB Power Management ICs / Linear Voltage Regulators and LDOs
  • 10 × 67996-416HLF Connectors and Accessories / Headers
  • 1 × 163-7620E-E

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