Developer boards are already popular among developers, engineers and students. It is a simple and convenient way to test out your ideas. The classical developer boards do have a few demerits: They are aesthetically weak, requires programming experience and always computer dependent.    

The smart watch is a technology of the future. It’s as portable and mobile as a wrist watch packed with an incredible processing power under the hood. Only problem is, nobody really wants another Smartphone on their wrist.

The Nerd watch combines both the flexibility of a developer board with the mobility and portability of a smart watch. It uses an innovative graphical programming interface which removes the computer dependency of a developer board. It is made as compact as a watch with an internal power supply. The watch as all other smart watches has an integrated wireless Smartphone connectivity. These features   enables a developer to program on the go, convert their ideas into realty using the new UI with much ease and even turn it into a powerful system with its stacking capabilities.