Preliminary design approach

A project log for Workshop wrestle

The setting up of a (largely) hand-tool woodworking workshop based on selected engineering methodologies.

Charles LambCharles Lamb 07/29/2018 at 11:300 Comments

Preliminary design approach

Derived from Lean’s mura principle, I'm thinking I'll minimise geographic and time waste by locating items according to frequency of use; that is, store those items I will use more frequently closer to me and those less frequently further away. 

How to do this in practice?  This won’t be perfect but I’m thinking I’ll start with the following steps:

  1. Identify planned woodworking activities for the shop.  The reason for this is that I expect to use particular sets of tools for specific activities, e.g., for marking and measuring timber.  It makes sense, then, to keep those tools near to each other.  (More on this later.) 
  2. Identify zones and rank according to distance from me (lower number is closer).
  3. Identify frequency of use for each of my tools and consumables within each activity type (higher means greater frequency of expected use).