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A project log for Workshop wrestle

The setting up of a (largely) hand-tool woodworking workshop based on selected engineering methodologies.

Charles LambCharles Lamb 07/29/2018 at 14:190 Comments

So, I've had a wander around my workshop and thought about the different sorts of jobs I might be working on (e.g., making a cabinet, bedside table, or a timber lamp) and the activities (e.g., sanding, planing, glueing) needed to do those jobs.  

The main working place will be my bench and, in particular, my bench vice.  I've already put an overhead storage system in place that I'm using for holding my collection of smallish clamps.

This is working so well that I'm going to keep it for the time being.  I use clamps on a regular basis to hold pieces while I work on them, for assembly, and during the glueing process.  And I often need to hold a piece in one hand and grab a clamp with another.  This means that I really ideally need the clamp always within arm's reach.

Here are the zones I've worked out so far:

Zone 1On me (i.e., my toolbelt) 
Zone 2In front of me (on my bench, overhead storage) 
Zone 3Mobile storage trollies, toolboxes 
Zone 4Workshop walls (e.g., in a tool cabinet) 
Zone 5Storage cupboards/drawers (noting that there can be memory burden with these) 
Zone 6Under work bench (I don't have much room around my workbench so reaching under it is problematic)  
Zone 7Storage outside the workshop (e.g., in the garage)

They are listed in decreasing order of accessibility.