Activities consolidation

A project log for Workshop wrestle

The setting up of a (largely) hand-tool woodworking workshop based on selected engineering methodologies.

Charles LambCharles Lamb 07/31/2018 at 14:590 Comments

Activities consolidation

There are certain activities that I’m likely to undertake around the same time.  When starting a project, for example, I need to measure and mark out joints and desired shapes, and then undertake the shaping and jointing.  So, going through the various activities I’ve come up with the following groupings starting with putting on PPE:

0) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) + toolbelt

Standard kit

    - Jacket

    - Trousers

    - Steel-capped boots

    - Gloves

    - Toolbelt

Additional kit when using powertools *

    - Face mask

    - Hearing protection

    - Respiratory filters

* Am saving up for a proper positive-pressure powered respirator but they are many hundreds of pounds.

1) Marking, shaping, and jointing

    - measuring and marking tools

        - squares

        - rules

        - pencils, rubber, sharpener, and holder

        - marking guages

        - scribes

        - measuring tape

        - plumb line

        - spirit levels

        - compasses

        - digital calipers

        - miscellaneous marking templates

    - drilling and Dremel-carving kits

        - holesaws

        - spade bits

        - Forstner bits

        - chamfer and countersinking bits

        - etc.

    - chisels (carving)

    - chisels (jointing)

    - routers (hand), blockplanes, spokeshaves

    - wood planes (smoothing and planing)

    - jigsaw, Dremel, and router kits (includes accessories and bits)

    - collection of hand saws (tenon, coping, etc.)

    - rasps and files

    - collection of awls

    - collection of punches

2) Assembly (Gluing, clamping, and assembly)

    - medium and large clamps (small ones hang from my light bar)

        - quick action (F and spreader)

        - Sash

        - spring

        - corner

        - G

        - band (ratchet strap)

    - glues and glue clean-up

    - affixing kit (screw and other specialist bits, adaptors, nail guns, spanners, socket set, rivet gun, consumables)

    - assembly kit (measuring tape to measure square, engineers’ squares, ratchet straps, etc.)

    - dead-weight mallet

    - protection blocks (timber/cork) for protecting timber to being clamped

    - masking tape

    - water

3) Finishing (lacquers, sanding, waxes, etc.)

    - rags

    - spray gun

    - containers

    - sanding kit (hand and powered sanding)

        - sanding blocks

        - sandpaper

            - small scraps

            - sheets

        - random orbital sander

        - belt sander

        - disc sander

    - brushes

    - sealed cabinet for lacquers, oils, etc. to minimise the breathing in of VOCs

    - disposable gloves

    - epoxy, lacquers, oils, waxes, paints

    - masking tape

    - polishing discs/materials/etc.