Part 3: Measurement Setup

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NikolaNikola 08/19/2018 at 08:510 Comments

The third part of this project is the measurement setup. I don’t want to leave my PC to check some pins or LEDs. For this I want to have a simple web cam and a simple logic analyzer.


For the camera I am using the “Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2” together with the software “motion”. How to install and setup the software I found here:

Logic analyzer:

For the simple logic analyzer, I will use “wiringPi” which is already installed by default in Raspbian. With this library I can check the pin status of the J8 header, without initializing the GPIOs before.

First I thought to program a better logic analyzer, but for the projects that I plan in the near future I don’t need a better tooling and if I would need something better, I would use “piscope” ( à on my “Raspberry Pi Zero W”. So that I don’t lose any performance on the main Raspi.