• Quick Update - Toggle Switch!

    Grant Giesbrecht09/11/2019 at 06:53 0 comments

    I've been happily using this setup for about a year and a half now and I've decided it's about time I put a proper toggle switch on this project. I cut the power cord to the lights' power supply and added a switch. After drilling a hole in one of my shelves' bracing panels I've got a nice switch!

  • Mounting LEDs to Shelves

    Grant Giesbrecht08/01/2018 at 03:28 0 comments

    First I cut strips of LEDs to length, then used the included adhesive to attach them to the shelves. I put two strips on each shelf to get brighter and more even lighting. I soldered the strips together and added a power cable.

    The last thing to do was make a long cable with a whole mess of connectors so I could chain all the shelf sections together. 

  • Building the controller

    Grant Giesbrecht07/31/2018 at 01:33 0 comments

    I prototyped the controller on a breadboard. All went well so I threw my prototype onto a piece of stripboard. A few hours later (and a fair share of debugging later) I had my working controller board. Here's the controller on a breadboard.