8/3 - Beginning Fabrication

A project log for Modular USB Hotkey Controller

Programmable USB controller modules for gaming, CAD modeling, video editing, and more

automata-developmentAutomata-Development 08/15/2018 at 00:500 Comments

Today we began fabricating the aluminum strips for the module bodies. We purchased three 1/8" thick and 3’ long aluminum strips. First, we attached paper templates to the strips and cut them to length. We then attempted to cut the slots by drilling holes at either end of the slot and using a scroll saw to cut out the slot. While this worked, the resulting slot was not as clean as it would be if a milling machine were used. As such we will complete the aluminum strips at a later date when we have access to a milling machine as well as a brake to bend the strips. 

We also worked on the CAD design for the profile selector module and began working on the electronics for the dials module. We wired 3 dials and programmed the Arduino to track their positions.