Hotkey Modules Post 8/17

A project log for Modular USB Hotkey Controller

Programmable USB controller modules for gaming, CAD modeling, video editing, and more

mx3designsmx3designs 08/27/2018 at 03:080 Comments

With 3 of the 4 modules finished (at least the hardware), we got straight into finishing up the last one: the profile selector. This had a low-profile, 3DP’d shroud for the RGB LEDs contained beneath the laser cut wood. Detail of the shroud can be seen below (it, along with the other modules, were designed in Autodesk Fusion 360—it’s great software, if I do say so myself):

The bottom half of the shroud has semicircular cavities for the LED’s to nest into, slits for the light to escape, and an alignment notch for the rotary encoder. The top half reflects the light from the LEDs out the slits, as well as prevent any bleeding of light from one segment to the other. The LEDs were inserted into the bottom half, and then the cavities were filled with hot glue to diffuse the light. After multiple mistakes (my fault :P ) while aligning and gluing the top half (and subsequent removals with blowtorch-heated X-Acto knives), it went together smoothly. The soldering of the LEDs was a bit difficult considering the sheer amount of connections, but it worked just as we expected.

We also soldered the faders and assembled the fader module. We programmed each slider to function as a joystick axis.