Source code available! + quick update

A project log for DIY USB MIDI controller MPC style

An MPC style MIDI controller featuring a 4x4 FSR matrix and based on Teensy 3.0, fully compatible with the Teensy Audio Adaptor Board

Michele PerlaMichele Perla 08/18/2014 at 22:010 Comments

Hey guys, 

Today I had the time to sit down a few minutes on the project and I got the first revision of the code finally available, after more than two months have passed since I did it. 

Code available here:

Soon it will also be available on GitHub

How to use it:

-Take your Teensy and program it

-As soon as the code starts (e.g. you see the Teensy MIDI device connected to the PC) keep the first button pressed down for at least 5 seconds; this is used to initialize the maximum value that the analog pin can read, so to map the analogRead values in the range [0,maximum] instead of [0,1023]

-Leave the button and enjoy! Notes are mapped from note 36 to note 36+i where i is the index of the pad which goes from 0 to 15. I chose this notes because every digital drum inside Reason (Redrum, Kong) as well as sample players (Dr.Rex) are mapped to default to this range of notes.

You may want to keep your Serial Monitor opened in another window while using it as it shows some messages in the initialization process as well as during normal use and misuse.

Anyway, the rubber pads have not arrived yet, they should arrive tomorrow; as soon as I have them I will lay down a PCB according to their dimensions and I will also design a little wooden chassis to keep everything together.

As always, stay tuned!