Quantity   Component name
1 × Teensy 3.0 USB development board based on ARM Cortex M4 32 bit microcontroller
1 × FSR PCB Board Force sensing resistors made with copper tape, acetate sheets, and velostat
1 × Motherboard It hosts the Teensy, the 3 daughterboards connectors and another spare analog pin connector
2 × HCF4067 16 channels analog mux/demux One for each daughterboard
2 × 10 K resistors These are put between the OUT of a mux and GND
2 × 4.7 K resistors These are put in series between the OUT of a mux and the connector of a daughterboard
1 × Akai MPC replacement rubber pads 4x4 matrix of rubber pads made for original MPCs
1 × Acetate sheet with 16 Velostat circles Put between the spacer and the rubber pads
1 × Thick acetate spacer Basically a grid of acetate that goes directly on the FSR PCB to leave some room between the pad and the Velostat circle upon it
1 × Laser-cut acrylic case To keep things together in a tidy and cool manner