Project update.

A project log for ⭐SparkLΞD Control

A ESP8266 based controller for Individually addressable LED Strips and Strings, with 3D map, OLED / Rotary controller Menu and Web UI.

H00GiEH00GiE 08/13/2018 at 17:100 Comments

State of the project.

So far we had a few hiccups:
ESP-07 only comes with 1MB flash, I used the instructions on a video by Andreas Spiess (click) to upgrade my ESP-07 to 16MB. 
Overkill?? yes, but i only had a 16MB (128mb) flashchip available. 
I'll be upgrading to 4MB chips on other ESP-07 modules.

Like to try yourself? Watch this video:

This is the result after uploading TREE V2 (click) firmware:

So with this success i'll be buying a few more modules, and will switch the flashchip.
I have ordered enough 25Q32 (4MB Flash) to replace all my ESP-07 modules' flashchips.

Why the ESP-07?

Easy one: The ESP-07 is the only 8266 family with BOTH a Ceramic wifi antenna as well as a u.FL (IPEX) connector for optional outdoor use. (More on this in a next update.) And simply said: The ESP-07 module is pretty much the very CHEAPEST ESP8266 around to make this project stay low cost. 

What's next?

I'm waiting on testboards of the I²C Rotary controller (click), so i can adapt V2 design if necessary.
If the design i have works and the board is finished i'll be ordering a batch of V2 PCBs.
When I receive the rotary encoder I can start work on the new firmware adaption as well.

I have communicated (briefly) with Jason Coon and he is okay with me using his software, If I share alike.
So very soon i'll be making this whole project opensource, both hardware designs, gerber files etc and customized version of the TREE v2 software will be uploaded to github. (more on customizations later)