Time to give the project a real name.

A project log for ⭐SparkLΞD Control

A ESP8266 based controller for Individually addressable LED Strips and Strings, with 3D map, OLED / Rotary controller Menu and Web UI.

H00GiEH00GiE 10/17/2018 at 19:550 Comments


It's been a full year when I started this project with 2 arduino nano boards,
and around this time last year I finished my very first bit of arduino code (that worked).
For many of us this is not very special, but for me it is, I hadn't written any code in 15 years time,

and had 0 experience with C (arduino).

State of the project

Right now there are 3 bits of big code: 

All 3 work really well. Most features of Items 1 and 2 even work great together.
The menu is completely new and not yet compatible with the rest of the code,
as it was intended to work with the WS2811FX library.

So my task for the next few weeks is simple, all working code has to be smacked together and work.
But everyone knows, one tiny bit of code works like a Mentos getting dropped in a full Coke Light bottle.

Expect Fun New Code in the next few weeks... 
If you'd like i'll add the snippets of code where i'm testing various connections between the menu and the controller and screen, the Led code and the menu, and whatever i'm testing.


<Insert Exclamation Here> The Final parts arrived to test putting all Menu I/O over I²C bus, and change code!

So like said above i'll finally be working on that menu system.

Also I've decided to give a REAL name to this project and i'm calling it: SparkLED Control

Created a new logo, banner, photos, all to dress up the project and make it even more appealing.
I'm planning to run a Kickstarter next year to produce the end result as a semi mass produced non prototype.

Keep checking in, as more updates Soon.