​​Cutting the wire

A project log for ⭐SparkLΞD Control

A ESP8266 based controller for Individually addressable LED Strips and Strings, with 3D map, OLED / Rotary controller Menu and Web UI.

H00GiEH00GiE 11/28/2018 at 13:050 Comments


Various deadlines have come and gone, and i'm painfully aware the project will probably NOT be ready for shipping in 2018.
However i'll be trying to have 5 test variants ready for my closest supporters and friends, this however will "just" be the standard version.


Yes I might have mentioned before i'm also making a rugged version of the project for professional/stage usage.
The SparkLΞD Control PRO will be mainly have better materials, lower % deviation on components, aluminium case,  
external (replaceable) antenna and optional audio and something special... 

As a special feature, the SparkLΞD Control PRO will have full DMX support.
Similar to a DMX Gobo Spot it will have DMX light desk controls available.

The gobo selector will control mode, the iris control will set intensity, RGB / Color respectfully will control Red, Green and Blue balance for color balance within the Mode, and last but not least, variation or another selector will change Program speed/BPM.  Any light operator with experience on moving heads with gobos will have no problem working with the controls of SparkLΞD Control PRO.
NOTE: Manual BPM/Speed selection is possible, however the goal is to have the Audio input module generate a bpm clock sync pulse and a external clock sync input to function as trigger within the LED programs.

As standard the DMX signal will use USITT DMX512A and i'm thinking of adding support for Wireless DMX (LumenRadio) RDM ANSI E1.20. just have to see how much a RDM module will cost. Or if there are other options.

The Future Is Bright!

Pun intended, 2019 will be the year, both SparkLΞD Control and SparkLΞD Control PRO will be ready.
Check for updates regularly, it might actually happen i'll still finish the project before holiday season.