DYI Screwdriver stand

3D printed Screwdriver stand with attached Note Box

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For a long time I wanted a screwdriver stand so I can organize my working environment and not having to search for the needle into the hay all the time. If you feel the same way, check the project, download and print.

Attaching the Notes Box
I attached these two things together because I always need some note sheets and something to write when I am at my work desk. They can be printed and used separately or bonded together like I did. I simply glued them. This also gives much more stability to 

the entire stand.

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    Use PLA or PET because they are having a better mechanical resistance. Do not use ABS for this design. 

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    Sicing instructions
    • 0.3mm layer height resolution
    • 3 shells
    • 15% infill
    • 60˚ to 65˚ Heated bed temperature according to the type of material
    • 195˚ to 210˚ extruder temperature according to the material
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      For printing the screwdriver stand you don't need support material. Just make sure it sticks to the printing bed and your printer is properly configured to do bridges. The recommended slicing parameters are being listed at step2

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