Ever been looking for a development board based on the popular STM32F103C8 micro controller, that not only features the essentials for developing with Cortex M3 MCUs but also comes in a convenient shape? Then look no further!

Meet the ARMed STICK - a Cortex M3 development board in the convenient size of a USB stick that provides the following features:

  • Powered by the popular STM32F103C8T6 micro controller, offering 64KB of flash memory + 20KB of RAM
  • External 8MHz crystal that can be used to drive the STM32's HSE clock
  • External 32.768 kHz crystal that can be used to drive the STM32's RTC / LSE clock
  • A reset tactile button
  • Boot selection jumpers for being able to easily change the boot mode when programming the MCU
  • A UART breakout header for programming the MCU via its serial boot loader
  • SWD breakout header
  • A USB A connector to power the board off of a USB port (incl. connected USB data lines w/ an appropriate pull-up resistor value on USB_DP of 1.5K)
  • A VCC indicator LED for indicating the presence of 3V3
  • A user-programmable LED on pin PB0 (PWM)
  • 24LC08 EEPROM (connected to I2C, incl. appropriate pull-up resistors)