A project log for HiveTracker

A tiny, low-cost, and scalable device for sub-millimetric 3D positioning.

DrixDrix 02/17/2019 at 00:001 Comment

Are you a hardware dev, or full stack dev? (software and firmware!)

Do you know how to use a JTAG probe, GCC, etc?

Did you already build your own HiveTracker clone, or get one form us?

This post should help.

0) Hardware

Complete your kit with photo sensors:

...and maybe a logic analyser:

- - -

1) Firmware

Follow the flashing tutorial:

- - -

2) Software

All of this is still in progress but you can find good starting points here :

- WEB BLE (javascript):

- Blender:

- Bonsai:

- Unity: 

- - -

TODO list:

- Make current BLE firmware more robust
- Embed calibration (to allow the trackers to measure bases coordinates)
- Embed filtering/fusion (Kalman, etc)
- LightHouse V2.0 adaptation w/ FPGA
- Cost optimizations...


Ken Yap wrote 10/12/2019 at 21:43 point

Oooh, whcich CATalog did you order those kittens from? 🐱👍🐱👍🐱👍

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