• I2C

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    Time ran out. There's no easier way to say it. My original intent, and something that may still happen depending on how the next 24 hours go, was to have a bit of custom animation when a stock Robot 1-X is attached to the AND!XOR DC26 Badge. I was thrilled to get in on their Kickstarter and get started on this, but somehow August happened and the flight is tomorrow. To get a small sense of what I was going after:


    If anyone wants to take this on and get a free badge or 3 for helping out, DM me for details.

  • The Fine Print

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    Images of the bottom of the PCB have been purposefully limited to prevent anyone from taking a crack at it before DEF CON.

  • Robot 1- X Details & Final Count

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    Robot 1-X R4

    The final revision simplifies programming by permitting a total of 6 pin headers or using 2 pogo pins, rather than requiring test clips. The solder mask is purple, matching the original Robot 1-X design. A total of 144 will be making their way to DC26, with roughly 125 available.

    Robot 1-X R2

    The second revision was the first bulk order, and due to time constraints, blue was selected for the solder mask. When combined with the OSRAM TOPLED, it resulted in a terribly washed out color, so the LED was replaced with a white 1210 and giant blob of solder so it would work upside-down. The effect makes the "blue" look far more like a deep green, but the switch to white turned out quite well. This also permitted switching to CR0805-JW-180ELF. A total of 40 will be making their way to DC26.

  • Soldered the last SAO pin header

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    The last shipment arrived just in time to solder all of the pin headers in the comfort of my home rather than in the hotel room, which is a huge relief. This also adds to the long list of "start sooner" but was a welcome moment that has freed up time for getting this long overdue project created here.