First gen:

So in the beginning I wanted to make this out of Aluminum, but I also wanted it to be WiFi connected so I quickly scrapped that idea. The next idea I had was to mill it out of some scrap Acrylic, which work out OK.

There were however a couple problems with this design:

  1. It didn't have great fit and finsih
  2. It wasn't weatherproof
  3. It didn't look like a doorbell.

So back to the drawing board. Part of me wants to blame this faux metal design on the combination of recently discovering silver paint that didn't look like complete crap, and having recently watched Blade Runner 2049. Clearly there had to be a better way. 

The hardware and software side of things went well. The code isn't complicated and I'll post it here in the near future. In a nutshell the Pi runs a shell script on bootup that consonantly checks to see if the GPIO line the button is on goes high, if it does then it take a picture, scales the image, and then emails it to an SMS gateway for texting.